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Best Slip and Fall Attorney in Houston

Slip and Fall Attorney in Houston

The first and foremost step in a slip-and-fall case is to spot the dangerous condition that caused the slip and fall.  A slip and fall injury can happen in a mall, office building, grocery store, and many other places. 

If you had a slip and fall, you need a slip-and-fall injury attorney who is prepared to fight for you.

If you slip and fall happened at work, you may be eligible to make an injury claim through your employer’s worker’s compensation.  

It is very important to get in touch with an experienced slip and fall attorney as soon as possible to start seeking compensation for your injuries. 

How To Find The Best Slip And Fall Attorney In Houston

The very first thing that should be done in order not to lose your rights in a slip and fall case is to preserve the scene of the incident. Take photos; look around to see if there are employees or witnesses in that area.  And get the premises owner or manager to do a report of the incident. This will confirm how your injury occurred. 

A slip-and-fall incident can happen in restaurants, hallways, sideways, supermarkets, and in any other location. 

Choose the best Slip and Fall Attorney in Houston

If you need to understand more about how to prove your case, call us for a free consultation. Our injury lawyer will go over the facts and help you determine if the surface or condition that caused your slip and fall was unreasonably dangerous and whether it was preventable. 


A good personal injury lawyer will be able to help you file your personal injury claim that you’ve suffered as a direct consequence of the incident. Call us today at 713-481-9490 for a free consultation or visit us at our website