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Car Accident, Houston 610 and 290

February 14, 2019

I had a car accident in June 2017 where my sedan was hit at full speed by a full-size pickup, close to 610 Loop @ 290 exit. I was injured and my car was totaled, but I was lucky to have Jill Yaziji as my lawyer. I hired Ms. Yaziji to represent me against the other driver and she handled my case, dealing with all the parties involved. After my medical treatment was completed, she worked hard to get me a great settlement that fairly compensated me for my injuries. She is top gun.

Tarif Y. Agha 

Injury at Apartment Complex, Southwest Houston

February 27, 2019

Jill is beyond all measure a brilliant lawyer. She is an attorney who is both strategic and strongminded. She’s out of the box intelligent and when bad stuff happened to me at an apartment complex, she was willing to fight for me for almost two years until my case settled. I will have to deal with my personal injury following the event for a long time to come, but in a major way, Ms. Jill helped me bring closure to this tragic time in my life. If you want a lawyer who is reliable, determined, and will fight all the way, then she is the one you should hire. Me and my family will always be thankful to Ms. Yaziji and her hard work in my case, and I cannot recommend a more professional, challenging, and brilliant lawyer than her.   

Mariam K.

Straightforward and highly competent lawyer.
Ms. Yaziji was highly competent and straightforward. Most importantly, she and her office were very cooperative and her calm and empathetic demeanor offered support to myself and my family in our time of need. She did what she said she would do on the case and we got the results we were hoping for all within a reasonable time. We highly recommend her!

Maia Gharib

Ms. Yaziji handled my asylum case. She is an amazing lawyer that helped me during a hard time and an awesome person who is always ready to help. She is an excellent and professional lawyer and cares and replies fast on my emails to address my questions. I advise anyone who is looking for a great lawyer with five star services to choose this awesome lawyer

Amazing lawyer

“Insightful. Jill handled my case with poise, determination, and integrity. She is a knowledgeable and humble and goes to lengths to keep you well-informed. I highly recommend her.”

Matt, Game Showroom

“As difficult as the litigation process can be, Jill Yaziji and the Yaziji Law Firm were very reassuring with their professionalism and preparation. In this case, Ms. Yaziji really delved into the case and took grasp of every fundamental detail. It was only through her exceptional knowledge and preparedness that the outcome, in our situation, was one of complete success.”

Kang Shen, Intownhomes, Ltd.

“We needed a solution to a substantial Mechanic’s lien problem we encountered in the final phase of construction. Jill’s approach not only inspired confidence but also generated the result we were looking for while minimizing our court costs and overall time loss.”

Michael Bell, Southwest Pool & Spa

Several years ago I was working for a well-known bread company in Houston, making a delivery for one of the largest fast food restaurants. While there, I slipped and injured myself causing severe pain to my back. After going to the emergency room and having tests ran I was told that I had a fractured sacral and bulging disc on my upper and lower lumbar. I got nowhere trying to get this restaurant to compensate me for my injury and my medical bills and the time I lost from work. I decided to seek legal advice. So I looked through the yellow pages; the first Atty I called scheduled me for an appointment, but when I arrived, I had to wait 45 minutes without even being acknowledged by the workers who were busy talking about a football game. I decided to leave without seeing the attorney.

To make a long story short, a commercial of a prestigious law firm appeared on TV and I thought they would be able to help me. Again I was wrong; they came to my residence, got information and pictures and that was it. By this time I was frustrated and confused about what I should do. I met this young lady, Ms. Jill Yaziji, and explained to her my situation and frustration with previous attorneys. She was very diligent in assisting me.

This was a woman who did not tarry long but took the case, fought it, and gave it her all and won; I must admit it wasn’t easy. It took several depositions, and the information started coming out that made my case stronger. So with all this being said, my recovery financially was great!

If you want someone who’s honest, dependable, and reliable and will go the extra mile
for you, I recommend the Yaziji Law Firm, which is the best personal injury attorneys to
me there is. Thanks Jill!

Michael O. Davis

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