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Work Related Injury

Understand Your Options After A Workplace Injury

On-the-job injuries vary depending on your employment situation. If your employer is a subscriber to Worker’s Compensation, your remedies are usually limited to medical expenses and wages while off work. In non-subscriber cases, you can file a lawsuit against your employer if the employers failed to provide a reasonably safe and healty work place, adequate trainting, or supervision, among other things. A negligent third party may be responsible for your injury at work and you should weigh the validity of any claims against that third party.
You may find yourself in a battle against your employer’s bureaucracy and red tape. It is vital to turn to an experienced workplace injury lawyer, like Jill Yaziji, for legal representation. We understand that workplace injuries are complicated because of the employee-employer relationships involved, and we can make sure that your loyalty is not exploited. Get a free consultation today to discuss your legal options. Call us at (713) 481-9490.

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Jill Yaziji has successfully handled many personal injury cases against defective drug product manufacturers. If you or a loved one has suffered from a defective drug product, call (713) 481-9490 today for a free consultation

Let Us Deal With The Insurance Companies

Handling a workplace injury on your own can be arduous. Your employers insurance company may ask you to give them a medical evaluation performed by a doctor of your employer’s choosing. This “independent” examination will typically lead to increased scrutiny of your injuries, and you could be subjected to multiple requests for medical records. Some insurance companies may offer you a settlement, but it is always much smaller than what the victim deserves. Avoid this by hiring Jill Yaziji to fight for you and deal with the insurance companies.


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