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Types of Premises Liability Cases

Premises incidents often happen because the property owner failed to maintain or repair a dangerous condition on the property. A dangerous condition can be poor lighting or a broken gate, or inadequate security in high crimes areas. Premises injuries are also caused by ongoing activity, as when a store employee drops a box on the head of the store customer; or a bar customer is shot during a bar brawl. Injuries can be at a grocery store, a shopping mall, hotels, parking lots, office buildings, swimming pools, theme parks, and other premises. To prevail in this type of case, you must prove the owner knew or should have known of the condition prior to the injury.

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Examples of Premises Injuries and Incidents

  • Slip and fall on a wet floor at a grocery store or restaurant
  • Bodily injury caused by a broken gate at an apartment complex
  • Armed robbery or sexual assault in a parking garage due to inadequate security
  • Electrocution from poorly maintained or exposed wires


Looking For Compensation After Accident?

If a loved one has suffered injury from a slip and fall, call Jill Yaziji at (713) 481-9490. Jill will seek maximum compensation for the losses and injuries you have suffered. Yaziji Law is a Houston firm that handles all types of slip and fall and premises cases. This can happen when a claimant slips and falls on a wet floor at a retail center, or trips and falls over an out of place object or uneven surface. A slip and fall can even occur from a fall from broken stairs at an apartment complex that happened on a property owned by another.

Proving A Premises Injury Case

To prevail in your, your attorney will have to prove that:

  • The property owner caused the dangerous condition
  • The property owner knew of the dangerous condition and failed to repair, or
  • A reasonable property owner should have investigated the dangerous condition taken steps to repair it Jill Yaziji will investigate your claim and will work with you and other witnesses to gather the facts to ensure your claim is not solid and you can prevail.


  • The property owner owed a duty of care to you and failed to
    The property owner failed to exercise proper care caused your injury
  • The damages you seek depend on the facts of the case. They include, loss of wages or earnings, medical bills, prescription expenses and possible exemplary damages which are often referred to as “special damages.”


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