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Contract Disputes

Contracts describe and define the agreements you make with other businesses and sometimes with individuals. Contracts disputes and breach of contract are the most common causes of business litigation.

It is essential to your business that they be drawn carefully to avoid misunderstandings and disagreements at a later time. At Houston’s Yaziji Law Firm, we work hard to draft contracts without loopholes or ambiguities to prevent disputes from arising. Business owners enter into contracts without having them reviewed by an attorney. When this happens, the potential exists for disputes to arise.

Having to devote your energy to contracts disputes can pull your focus away from the important tasks of running your business effectively. They can potentially disrupt your business and even your reputation, and may require expensive litigation to resolve.

The lesson to be learned is to always have your attorney draft or review any contract that you plan to enter into. While even the most carefully drafted contract could theoretically result in a dispute, winning any ensuing litigation will be easier if the wording is clear and the underlying law is solid.

The sooner any dispute gets settled, the better off you are. The best way to get the dispute settled quickly and efficiently is to work with a Texas business attorney who has superior negotiating skills and a firm grasp of applicable law and who understands the procedures available for settling a contracts dispute. At the Yaziji Law Firm, we’ve have many years of experience in successfully resolving contract disputes, both in and out of court.

Alternatives to Trial

Many disputes can be settled without having to go to court, which can be costly and time consuming. Applying our well-honed negotiating skills in an attempt to effectuate a meeting of the minds is always our first course of action. We will attempt to reach a direct compromise that is acceptable to both parties. It will always be your decision to accept a compromise proposal. If this does not settle the dispute, there are still two other options short of going to trial:

  • Mediation conducted by a neutral third party who will attempt to bring the parties together, but has no binding authority; and
  • Arbitration, in which the arbitrator makes a decision, usually binding on both parties, after hearing both sides.

Both mediation and arbitration are private, informal, and less expensive than litigating the matter in the courtroom. The Yaziji Law Firm will provide you with effective preparation and representation in either alternative dispute resolution forum.

Skilled Courtroom Litigation

If you decide that litigating your contracts disputes in court is your best option, we will be thoroughly prepared for trial and ready to use our considerable courtroom acumen to present a persuasive case for the outcome you are seeking. We have a long record of achieving favorable results at trial for many of satisfied business clients.

Free Consultation and Contract Review

If a contract problem is interfering with your ability to conduct business, contact the Yaziji Law Firm in Houston to arrange a free, no obligation review of the contract in question. At Yajizi Law, we understand the importance of maintaining positive business relationships. We will help you achieve a resolution that, whenever possible, will satisfy all parties and cause the least damage to the long term relationship with your adversary, while upholding your reputation in the business community.

It is best to contact us at the first sign of a dispute. Prompt action can forestall many potential complications, and problems are usually easier to resolve if they’ve not been allowed to fester. We will discuss your options with you and help you reach a decision as to what route you wish to take to resolve the issues you are facing. Call us today.

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