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Defective Drugs

Pharmaceutical Products Liability Lawyer in Houston

Drug-related products liability claims usually involve a defectively made drug, or one that has serious side effects about which the pharmaceutical company failed to warn. Whether over-the-counter or prescription, these meds can cause serious injury or death.

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How Are Pharmaceutical Companies, Pharmacists, and Doctors Are Liable?

A drug manufacturer must warn of any known side effects, so consumers are aware of the risks associated with that product. Pharma companies that put drugs on the market must first test the drugs for safety and harmful side effects before submitting the drug for approval to the FDA. This type of case involves product liability, and it is a different claim from pharmacist negligence claims. The latter involves dispensing the wrong medication, or giving the patient the wrong dose than prescribed. Product liability laws hold the manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors responsible for developing and dispensing defective drugs. A pharmacist must administer the accurate dosage of the correct medication. This negligence can send a patient to the hospital and cause them serious injury and medical expenses.

About Defective Drugs

It can take years to determine the dangerous nature of a drug. As a result, many times it is too late for those who have suffered. Contrary to popular belief, just because a drug obtains FDA approval, does not mean it is safe to use. That is because symptoms of injury from the drug can be latent (not visible) for years. Whether a manufacturer has pressured the FDA for approval, left out important information, or failed to include safety warnings, it should be held accountable. Jill Yaziji has handled product liability cases for many years, and we will fight and get you the compensation you and your loved ones deserve.


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